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Manitoba HD Resource Centre, 200 Woodlawn St., Winnipeg MB R3J 2H7

The Manitoba HD Resource Centre is part of the M ovement Disorder Clinic located at 200 Woodlawn Street, Winnipeg , MB , R3J 2H7. Phone: (204) 772-4617, Fax: (204) 940-8414, Email:

The Resource Centre assists families and professionals with the many needs and challenges associated with Huntington Disease (HD). We offer the following program of support services:

Information and Consultation
about the nature and course of HD, techniques of care and research progress. Literature and videotapes are available.
Short-term Counselling
to individuals and families
Mutual Support
discussion groups and pairing of individuals and families
to community resources, agency staff and health care professionals
Professional Education/Consultation
regarding HD and care strategies. Literature, videotapes, and in-service education seminars available

The Manitoba HD Resource Centre operates on a part-time basis. The Centre's Director travels to appointments and meetings in the community and may not always be in the office. Please call for an appointment, to leave a message or to confirm when someone will be in the office.
The Resource Centre Director is Sandra Funk, B.S.W., R.S.W.
Tel: (204) 772-4617; Fax: (204) 975-3027; E-mail:

Living with HD: An Information/Support Group Program  

The Manitoba Huntington Disease Resource has offered the Information/Support Group program for the past 6 years. Sessions are held 4 times per year and include a guest speaker presenting on a topic that addresses living with HD. We have covered a wide variety of topics over the years including HD symptoms & treatment, research, depression, memory strategies, home care services, grief & loss, power of attorney, stress, swallowing difficulties, etc. The sessions also provide individuals the opportunity too meet others who are living with HD. We are always looking for suggestions of topics and guest speakers. Please contact Sandra Funk with your suggestions at (204) 772-4617 or or by mail at the above address.

Support in Brandon Area

The process to hire another Social Worker has begun. We are hopeful to have someone in place soon. In the interim, messages will be checked by the Manitoba HD Resource Centre Director, Sandra Funk. Please call Sandra with your concerns and questions, at 772-4617.


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